Welcome to MolecularNeuropathology.org - The platform for next generation neuropathology.

This website is your access point to a DNA methylation based molecular classifying algorithm for most types of tumors of the central nervous system and its coverings.

To implement the methylation profiling classifier you are required to generate and upload unprocessed IDAT-files of Illumina Human Methylation 450 BeadChip arrays or EPIC BeadChip arrays of your tumors of interest. This data is then automatically compared to methylation data of a reference cohort comprising over 2800 neuropathological tumors of almost all known entities (currently over 80 tumor classes or subclasses included). Within minutes you will receive an E-Mail report of the methylation profiling of your case, a low resolution copy number plot calculated from your array data (useful e.g. for 1p/19q analysis or the detection of all sorts of amplifications and deletions) and an estimation of MGMT promoter methylation status.

Classification using methylation profiling is a research tool under development, it is not verified and has not been clinically validated. Implementation of the results in a clinical setting is in the sole responsibility of the treating physician.